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A Photo a Day till August --> a photo per week Today is Sunday, April 30, 2017

22nd March 2010 ~ Pink


22Mar10 Pink


6th March 2010 ~ Pond Reflections


6March10 Pond reflections

It was refreshing to be out on this beautiful autumn day.



22nd February 2010 ~ Yellow Daisy On Blue


Yellow Daisy On Blue

Backgrounds are tricky.

They can make a subject stand out or distract from it.

Make a photo with a good background today. ds98

Blue helps yellow stand out.


21st February 2010 ~ Morning Swim


Morning Swim

This is where I went swimming this morning.

The water was just right. A little cool as I entered, then warmed up.


15th February 2010 ~ Fluffy Clouds


15Feb10 ~ Fluffy Clouds

This is what the sunset looked like last evening, facing east

(rather than west). However I had to adjust the exposure

after I took the shot to make it look as it did.


13th February 2010 ~ Busy Bee


13Feb10 ~ BusyBee

I was lucky to capture this bee today.

He landed on the rose as I was busily taking a photo of it.


10th February 2010 ~ Embroidered Beauty



Franz Kafka said "Anyone why keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."

Make a photo of something beautiful today.


9th February 2010 ~ Sprouting Mushrooms


9Feb10 ~ Sprouting Mushrooms

White puffy mushrooms growing on the lawn beneath the clothes line at my block of units.


8th February 2010 ~ Cuppa


ds84 Making a Cuppa

Challenge: Practice storytelling today.

Look for 3 images that tell a story,

and make a set of photos that go together. ds84

This is what I do within 10 minutes of returning home from work.


7th February 2010 ~ Brollie



I was surprised to see the patterns on the underside of my umbrella,

when I first bought it - a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

About gkat

I have always enjoyed looking at images. An interest in taking photos emerged after I bought my first digital camera. I'd joined the flickr group EdTech365/2009 which is about posting a photo per day for a year like a visual diary.